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Videos can be used for many purposes with companies including informational and brand building videos, training videos entertainment and content to increase your position in search engines. Being found online can mean making more money. Our online world has evolved from DVD productions to online video networks and social media networks. Our Calgary video team is one of the most advanced with it's capabilities both in equipment and creative skills to make you and your company stand out. Due to our extensive history in web development with digital media, we can assist you in the proper ways to create and use your video productions online.

What does video cost?
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Why is quality video production so important today?

Videos brand both your company and yourself

Video production can directly affect brand equity and brand value. Video can bring a comfort to decision makers, both from an information sense and a relational sense, to purchase your products or services.

The second largest search engine - Youtube

More customers are searching video content on YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google and having a professional presence using video will assist your website with content and important backlinks for organic growth online.

Videos are easy to watch and a benefit online.

Video is easily watched without effort and assists in retaining content due to the multi-sensory nature of the media. Creating interesting content can bring success with your videos with the time spent on web pages as well as great social media content for online connectivity.

Feature video production project - First Pass

Watch a highlight video of our corporate video production work with the First Pass project we produced in Calgary.

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Feature video production - First Pass corporate video

Feature video production project - D-rules online training

Watch a highlight video of our video production work with the D-Rules project we produced in Calgary.

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Feature project - D-Rules greenscreen video production

Typical requests for our video services

Interviews and testimonial videos

Videos are very effective at building trust with you and your brand. Whether you are introducing yourself and your product or your customers are providing a video testimonial for you, trust is so important to gain new customers.

Corporate training videos

We comonly film group training sessions or create one on one training videos. Video allows you to offer future training on request and can save you time and money with future training.

Product information and marketing videos

State of the Arts can provide an array of tools to present your product with complete professionalism. Starting with product photos in our photo studio to tools such as rotating displays and motorized sliders.

Event videos

Events filmed can vary from tradeshows to sporting events to weddings or funerals. Each event has it's own specific needs in both audio and video to capture the content well. State of the Arts will work with your needs to provide the best solutions for your event video productions.

Video productions for our clients in the Calgary area.

Enbridge, Calgary internal corporate training video production

Enbridge internal training video.

animation - audio - compositing

Enbridge requirements for messaging with this internal video included 3D animation, motion tracking, compositing and audio work. Video editing, animation and effects contracted to Francomedia in Calgary.

Calgary Zoo corporate introduction video production

Calgary Zoo team video

On location filming - compositing

The Calgary Zoo required a corporate video incorporating information about Pandas. Filming the lab and flora as well as support effects for compositing screens gave a media rich presentation.

Web video production for YouTube channel

YouTube video production - Super Duper Sports Cars

Greenscreen video - animation - compositing

Entertainment and educational online video for a YouTube channel incorporating green screen systems, animation and compositing.

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Filming and production for live event performance for Calgary Fiddlers

Calgary Fiddlers video production

milti camera production with steady cam and jib crane

Creative events such as music videos and performances allow our team to shine. THis video was filmed in Calgary at the university of Calgary. Different camera angles and tools such as jib cranes and steadi cameras make for a very interesting final production. Multi camera editing mixed with compositing provide a professional product.

Corporate presentation and interview event video production in Calgary for Pfizer

Pfizer conference video / interviews

multi camera event video

Conferences and speaking events such as our video production work with Pfizer have been captured with multiple cameras and sound board feeds therefore providing the necessary tools to edit an interesting quality video.

The Landscape Artist series of corporate, testimonial, promotional and informational video productions in Calgary

The Landscape Artist portfolio videos

Interviews - steadi cameras - sliders - jib cranes

The Landscape Artist is a long time Calgary client of which we have produced many videos ranging from portfolios of finished yards to client testimonials to before and after videos. THe videos were part of the SEO strategy we built for them to gain more clients and we have been very successful with them.

Training video productions Calgary corporate client D-Rules

D-Rules Hockey training video.

multi camera -animation - 2D/3D - Compositing

Slow motion video mixed with animations become a valuable tool to teach fast action sports. Using motion tracking and many computer generated scenes, hockey can now be taught at a level never before available.

School promotional video production for Calgary Christian school

Enthrill introduction video

multi camera - Slider video -effects - animation - prime lenses

Enthrill required a welcome video upon purchasing their products including animation, composition and voiceovers.

Promotional video production for Jacuzzi Hot Tubs in Calgary and Edmonton.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs promo video

Interviews - steadi-cam - sliders - prime lenses

Jacuzzi Hot tubs of Calgary and Edmonton video production combined graphics with an interview video shot with prime lenses for a soft creative feel.

What does compositing mean and how can it assist my video productions?

Video from a cell phone or production video camera is a 2D complete video on one layer.  Compositing means adding multiple layers and possibly effects to enhance the video production.  Transparency from green screen footage allows you to add animations, backgrounds graphics and logos etc.  Similar to "Photoshop" with photography, compositing represents layers with video.

Greenscreen video services for Calgary clients

How much does studio video cost?

Video costs for greenscreen productions

A greenscreen video shoot can vary in cost. State of the Arts has portable green screen solution for simple productions as well as studio setups for more intricate videos. A simple greenscreen shoot can be provided at a reasonable cost. Where the larger costs come in are with the background graphics, animation and compositing. Small greenscreen videos can be inexpensive if the support graphics are provided rather than being produced. We would be happy to assist costing your project.

Studio backgrounds

For studio video or photography, we offer a white and black backdrop as well as a few other creative options.

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Animation services for our Calgary clients

How much does animation cost?

Animation costs for 2D and Illustrations

2D animation can be as simple as shapes being motion tracked to live video or as complex as a complete illustration. Animating, whether 2D or 3D is very hard to quote as typically there are many hours in development of the graphics. Once we understand what you are looking for, we will have a better idea of time and therefore cost.

Animation costs for 3D

3D animation has many steps such as modelling, image mapping, lighting and keyframing motion. Once these steps are all done, you need to render the frames to make a video. The end result can be so realistic you wouldn't realize it's 3D. We would be happy to talk about your ideas and make them come to life.

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Your videos will sound incredible with support from our recording studio

Audio is a very important part of a video production. If you do a poor job on audio, it doesn't matter how nice the video looks, your brand will be represented poorly and often your message will not even be heard.

Our studio can provide voice-overs as well as complete custom audio soundtracks. If you plan to post your videos online you should consider custom soundtracks so all the content belongs to you. This is important if you plan to make money on advertising with your videos.

Hundreds of video productions filmed in Calgary

Selection from hundreds of video filmed and edited from around Calgary and posted on several online networks.

Promo video for CBE in Calgary

CBE promo video

Garage Store video filmed in Calgary

Garage Store video

Trail Appliances promo video in Calgary

Trail Appliances video

web video for Greengate Garden Centres in Calgary

Greengate video

Web promo video for Heatwood Kitchen and Bath.

Heartwood Kitchen & Bath video

Corporate video for Superior Wall Beds in Calgary

Superior Wall Beds video

Prep - Let's talk hockey promotional video

Prep promo video

Promo video for Cakes with Attitude in Calgary

Cakes with Attitude video

Willowpark wines and spirits wev promo video

WillowPark Wines video

Spa Ritual promo video

Spa Ritual promo video

Bow River Fly Fishing Adventures testimonial video

BowRiver Flyfishing video

Calgary Christian school promo video

Calgary Christian school video