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A powerful and talented agency in Calgary focused on website design and development, video production and support media.

Established in 1995, State of the Arts Inc. is a Calgary based media development company specializing in web development, video production, print design and other state of the art media services. We have been contracted by several mid to large size advertising companies over the past 20 years to bring their client's creative visions to fruition. All of our media services are executed in-house with leading edge equipment, allowing us to provide state of the art solutions without the high costs of outsourcing.

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Over 20 years in the industry

With history in traditional media and advertising, we have worked in the leading areas of the internet and watched the evolution happen. Being leaders in digital technologies, we have always lead in our work and been highly successful accomplishing your goals.

Awards and nominations

From multiple website design and development with the Sam Awards to photography and media awards to newspaper and magazine articles, State of the Arts has been known as a leader in production of media and advertising.

Our Customers

Our customers get the benefits of a small powerful and talented agency with the in house capabilities which save them money. Due to this our customers range from small individual companies to large corporations to other agencies.

Services our agency provides to our clients:

Website Development

The founder of State of the Arts started working in agencies at the inception of the internet and lead web based teams in developments which included websites for some of the most respected and prestigious companies in the world. With focus in emerging technologies and the ever changing internet, projects were often highly regarded between the public and the media. Added professional skills with audio and video brought the agencies tool sets to make the projects outstanding. State of the Arts soon expanded from a part time incorporation to a full time contractor supplying individuals and corporations and services they required for success.

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Video production and editing

When you mix talents of graphic design, audio engineering and photography, it was natural to have video production as one of the highlighted skills of State of the Arts. From the evolution of tape based cameras to HD to 4k and beyond, State of the Arts has produced many corporate productions for their clients. Another evolution in marketing was the ability for video to be displayed in high quality on the internet. This evolution from DVD to internet based productions gives incredible marketing potential to our clients. Mixing the knowledge of website development and search engine optimization, a video today can be a valuable tool to bring you new clients to your business.

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Graphic design and brand development

Graphic design extends to all areas of media production including website development, video production, print design, animation, presentations and photography editing. Our skills include both vector and raster designing as well as layout programs and many years experience with standard press from print to now digital press for printing.


Full frame digital photography services extend from corporate clients with event based services to creative photography for advertising or website development. Depending on the look we require, we will choose different cameras and lenses to accomplish our goals. Our experience with photo editing programs is extensive so creativity beyond the camera is whatever you can imagine.

Animation - 2D and 3D

Commonly used within our video productions, animations can really assist in messaging or adding a unique look and feel. 2D animation for a flat cartoon style or a complete world of 3D animations can really add to your messaging. Whether you want to add a 3D logo, or build a complete 3D set for your green screen videos, we can do it all.

Digital presentations

Our corporate clients have chosen many different digital presentation platforms depending on what was required. Years ago it was more common for our presentations to be created in Director or Authorware, later with Flash and now more commonly keynote or Power-point. The evolution of presentation software has allowed more digital media to be included and creativity to enhance the messaging.

Audio recording production and editing

Our work has been heard in television, movies and more commonly today across the web. From voice overs to custom soundtracks to engineering and producing todays artists, we can do it all. Our knowledge started in the recording studios in the 80’s when 2” tape was the standard. Then, a room sized patch bay and physical outboard gear was common and now using only components of outboard gear and digital technologies, the process is the same but the equipment has changed.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

State of the Arts is proud to say we have never been involved in the "grey area" techniques of SEO. You know exactly what you are paying for with us. Today, SEO is much more about content mixed with proper structure. Many companies are sold packages which say they are optimizing your site for better results , but are actually just paying for advertising. Unfortunately, many companies can be fooled and have no chance at long term true SEO success. We can help you understand and make smart choices for success.


Our in house studios provide affordable solutions to you.

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Audio studio

From musical scores to voice overs, professional audio will reflect excellence with your brand. Proper mics, pre-amps, compressors, reverbs and equalizers with the knowledge of engineering and production will get the quality you want. Our studio has the musical instruments and musicians to produce the perfect soundtrack for your productions.

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Photography studio

Our photography sets use professional studio flashes blended with studio lighting for video productions and have options for backgrounds.

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Video and green screen studio

Green screen abilities give many options for video production in Calgary. Outdoor video is always nice but in Calgary we have limited seasons to produce outdoor projects. Our video studios have produced many creative productions involving green-screen, motion tracking and computer generated backgrounds.

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Animation studio

Computer generated graphics involve modeling objects, image mapping them, lighting scenes, key-framing animations and rendering. Animation is not typically a quick development, but there are so many benefits to producing custom graphics and video scenes. Mix CG graphics with video for stunning and impactful videos.

State of the Arts at work

It is not uncommon to see our team on location for video productions or in the studio for audio or green-screen shoots or on location for photography. Have a look at a few photos of us at work around Calgary.