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Calgary Web Design & Development

State of the Arts offers a range of options for website design and development. We will need to determine what type of website development would work best for you needs. There are benefits to differet types of websites depending if you want to add and change your own content (Content Management System) or just need a simple html site which may not change often. As the web can be overwhelming, we like to meet with our clients and ask questions in order to define your needs and goals. From this analysis, we can help you determine the best web strategies and create the online experience you are striving for.

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Website Design

State of the Arts has over 20 years of web design experience. From vector to raster design programs, we are experts in the industry. Our professional photography services are commonly used in our web design offerings. Our animation studio can offer unique design features when there are limited support graphics available. A clear understanding of each web format and the benefits of optimization can allow your site to perform faster and leave users with a better online experience.

Website Development

Depending on the choices made for your website needs, development includes different types of code to successfully accomplish our goals. Basic html and javascipt are common to all developments. There are many scripting languages used today such as PHP, which is used to create the framework for common content management systems. Popular CMS site frameworks would be Wordpress or Joomla which we commonly use, although we have even created our own custom database web applications depending on the needs and goals.

Website Content

Web content is important not only for your customers, but for the success of your positioning in search engines. State of the Arts can assist you with our photography, audio and video services to provide professional content that will assist your success.

Website Analysis

We will help you set up your site up with Google Analytics will provide you important statistics to assis with your success online.

Typical requests for our website design and development services

CMS - content management system website

Today, more common CMS websites would be developed in Wordpress or Joomla. We offer website design and development services with these platforms. Log in and you can update your own content online in your

HTML static website

We offer our HTML development services to our clients for a responsive and often fast loading website. If you would rather have us update your website, we can create a beautiful responsive website to meet your needs.

Custom application development

State of the Arts has developed many custom applications operating on the web. We can discuss your needs and come up with the best solution to meet your needs,

SEO - search engine optimization

Spending the time to optimize your website so it communicates well to search engines and providing the content you need to gain positioning in search engines should be one of your primary goals. It is very important to make smart decisions here. We would be happy to walk you through some of our success stories and help build a strategy for your success. View our section on SEO.

Website design and developments for our clients.

Enbridge internal corporate training video

Contagium TV website.

Databasedriven web application -responsive

This was a large video network developed using HTML5 and SQL. Our network expanded into sub sites such as weddingtelevision and homestelevision and our video team produced several hundred videos into our networks in Calgary.

Calgary Zoo corporate introduction video

GT40 website and media

planning - content - structure - media - Javacript

The GT40 website was developed in partnership with our sister agency in Germany. Our team added javascript capabilities and media capabilities.

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Web video for YouTube channel

The Landscape Artist website

HTML 5 - photography - video

A long time client "The Landscape Artist" was not within the first 10 pages of Google when they contacted us. It was our mission to bring the site to proper standards and manage the SEO. With our proper content plan with video, we succeeded in getting them to the top spots in Google with their keywords.

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Two SAM award nominations

As State of the Arts was the contractor for several years to another agency for media and development, our work was nominated two different years for best website at the SAM awards in Calgary. Spindles Stairs and Railings used custom database driven web applications to order curved staircases online as well as several other dynamic features. The front page of the website boasted a custom engine to dynamically change the interactive media.

Nominated for two SAM awards for website design and development in Calgary

Website success requires great content

To create a website and not have a plan to continue to grow it can be devastating to your success online. We all want to show up at the top of search engines for specific keywords. Ensure you stay ahead of your competitors and produce smart content that will benefit your online presence multiple ways. We can help you build this plan.