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Photography Services

Out team has had many years experience in photography for events such as corporate or weddings, website support imagery, product photography and more.

samples of photos from our photographers

Types of design projects from our local Calgary team

Studio photography

Studio photography services include photo sessions for individuals, whether family or corporate, or studio sessions for product photography. Studio setups give you ability to change backgrounds and are not affected by weather.

Corporate photography

Corporate photography can be either based on acquiring professional imagery for print, web or marketing or be on location setups for acquisition of archival photos. We have provided on site studio setups for award photos of groups, and also live event photography for corporate clients.

Event photography

Events can be classified as personal or corporate. Live event photography can be archival style photos, capturing all the details in focus or creative photography at events such as weddings. As event photography is not staged, your equipment and knowledge of photography needs to be at it's highest level, therefore you will not miss the shot.

Creative photography

Creative photography is a generic statement for everything from personal interest to corporate product shots where you use your camera, locations and lenses to produce beautiful imagery.

Sample images from our photography department.

Wedding photography session in Calgary

Wedding photography sample

Sample of creative wedding photography services provided around Calgary.

Food photography at the restaurant

Photography of food at the resort

Kingfisher photography included product, location, food and promotional.

Outdoor Kingfisher photo session in BC with products.

Product photos at Kingfisher Spa Resort

Natural product photography on location at the Kingfisher Resort and Spa.

Live photography on location with The Landscape Artist in Calgary

On location photos with The Landscape Artist

For website content and portfolio, our team shoots photography and video on location for the Landscape Artist.

Photo editing

Our team started photo editing with Photoshop in version 1, so we have many years of experience of editing. As raw imagery became the norm, there are many options for photo editing with exposure colour and lighting. Adding layers can produce almost anything you can imagine.

Sample edited images from our photography department shown after photo editing.

combining studio photography, matching shadows and sizing

GT40 guitar photos

When part of your photos are in another country, the option to combine a guitar inside of a car is to photo edit. From our studio pictures of the guitar we can compose realistic product shots that would normal not be possible.

website header content from photo editing

Adding mood to web imagery

An example of photo editing for web is common in car websites where you replace the sky in photography to add mood or emotion.

Studio photography session combined with other photography to produce advertisements

Editing photography for advertisements

Producing ads often uses layers of photography, textual components and graphics such as this ad for GT40 guitars.

Photo editing for blog and website imagery

Website support photos and editing

This blog post required explanation of product relations using many layers of photography.

It's all about the lenses

A phrase you have probably heard many times with professional photographers. Understanding your camera, your lenses and composing the shots are expanded with the ability of using prime glass. Prime lenses can give your photography all the options you may need for lighting options as well as shallow depth of field creative shots.