How do you expand an already successful coaching and training team with defensive hockey? The D-Rules program started over a decade ago and in the years of on-ice training, the game has changed. The game, meaning both the game of hockey and also the game of training and media. With the internet, many sport have stepped up learning and training to help excel the athletes to new levels. The D-Rules program is one of the most successful training programs as they have watched a large percentage of their players hitvery high levels such as professional and NHL.

Our Solution

When an acredited Bachelors in education and coaching reviews a hockey play, they see many small details that average people cannot. Taking the information from the founder of D-Rules and explaining the details is what was needed to teach hockey at a completely new level. This is the premise of why State of the Arts would use audio, video, slow motion, design, greenscreen, compositing, animation and development to teach every detail in hockey.

Amazing Results

From short review of actual plays, showing animation over video to complete lessons and testing of the core requirements to play defensive hockey, the content produced is unparalleled. Providing the athletes this level of understanding the game play as well as understanding the most effective amd fastest ways to execute plays, the development of the players is advancing much faster than before.

Client: D-Rules Hockey

Below are a selection of images representing the digital media, greenscreen video, 3D animation, web, development, audio recording and marketing for the D-Rules project. This training project was a perfect mix for State of the Arts as we provide all the media services in-house and therefore can create a stunning and impactful video training platform.



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