Telling the story of the latest farming software in your field has to happen in the field. Our team filmed onsite in Saskatchewan to capture footage from the air and ground so we could tell the story of the effectiveness of their software systems.

Our Solution

On vehicle stabilization rigs and drones were a bit part of the footage we captured in the field. Our team was filming multiple days from morning to evening so we could capture those magic shots. Most of the filming day, the team was 45 minutes away from electricity in the deep fields of Saskatchewan, so our gear had to have ample battery power for cameras, stabilizers, lighting and more. As part of the story telling with how the software works, animation and motion grpahics assisted the process.

Amazing Results

We were able to tell a story and explain the effectiveness of the software using stunning footage, animation and compositing. The client ended up with 9 video segments and an ability to teach and market their product.

Client: First Pass - Calgary

Below are a selection of images representing the filming with stabilizers, drones, animation, compositing, audio work and editing for the First Pass project.



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