As the 50th anniversary of the iconic GT40 car approached in 2016, Safir GT40 Spares was looking to enhance their marketing presence as they represent the trademark of the most winning cars in North American racing history. The focus was the four years the GT40 car won at Le Mans. Ford built, raced and won with a GT40 MKII in 1966 and 1967 and Gulf racing won with the GT40 MKI at Le Mans in 1968 and 1969. Although selling more genuine GT40 cars was not part of the goals, representing this iconic brand during the four 5oth anniversaries was a focus.

Our Solution

The proposal given to Safir GT40 Spares was the design and development of a unique limited edition guitar which reflected features of the iconic car. Included with the guitar design, was sourcing and management of production, marketing such as a new website, photography, video, and growth of social media networks.

Amazing Results

The build of the guitar paralleled the network build of interest in the project. In large social media networks, the GT40 guitar has been the top of the list of likes as well as inredible comments. The Enthisasts Network "Automobile Magazine" included the guitar in the Holiday Gift Guide and the guitar's press release secured a spot in WIKI under Ford GT40. The website has had great reviews as well as the connections to sports car companies around the world. The guitar itself is an amazing quality instrument but also a stunning commemorative product that secures it's name as an official GT40.

Client: Safir GT40 Spares Ltd.

Below are a selection of images representing the digital media, web, development and marketing for the GT40 brand.

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